5 Best Firepit Designs for Your Outdoor Space

Uncategorized By Mar 27, 2023

An outdoor fire pit can be an inviting addition to any garden or outdoor space. There are many different design options available, from classic and rustic stone fire pits to modern and minimalist designs made from stainless steel or concrete. Other options include chiminea fire pits, brick designs, and propane fire pits, which are ideal for smaller spaces and are safe and easy to use. Pre-made fire pit kits are available at hardware stores, or homeowners can create their own custom designs. Fire pit costs can range from under $100 for simple DIY projects to thousands of dollars for more complex designs or professional installations.

5 Best Firepit Designs for Your Outdoor Space

A fire pit can transform an ordinary outdoor space into a cozy and inviting oasis. From traditional to modern, there are a variety of firepit designs to choose from that can suit your personal style and enhance your entertainment possibilities. In this article, we’ll explore the 5 best firepit designs for your space.

1. Stone Fire Pit

One of the most popular firepit designs is the classic stone fire pit. This design is perfect if you’re looking for a rustic, natural aesthetic that complements your landscape. It can be constructed with stones of various sizes and colors, such as sandstone, granite or limestone, allowing you to customize it to fit your outdoor aesthetic. With the right seating and accessories, your stone fire pit can also become a gathering area for friends and family.

2. Chiminea Fire Pit

Chiminea fire pits are designed to resemble a traditional Mexican fireplace, with a tall, chimney-like shape. This design is ideal if you’re looking for a compact, portable firepit that can be moved around your outdoor space. Chimineas come in many materials, such as clay or cast iron, making them versatile in terms of style and durability. They are easy to use and can be placed on a patio or deck, making them perfect for smaller outdoor spaces.

3. Brick Fire Pit

Brick fire pits are elegant yet traditional and can blend with any outdoor design. This design is excellent if you’re looking for a timeless, classic look that can complement your patio or garden. They are also relatively easy to build on your own, making them a budget-friendly option. Brick fire pits come in a variety of colors that can match the stonework of your home, and there is a wide range of bricks suitable for building them.

4. Propane Fire Pit

Propane fire pits provide excellent warmth and are a convenient option if you’re looking for a fire pit that requires a low-maintenance installation. They are fueled by propane tanks, making them easy to turn on and off, which makes them ideal if you have children or pets. They are also great if you’re looking for a portable option, with lots of sizes and shapes to choose from, such as their popular bowl shape or rectangular shapes.

5. Modern Fire Pit

The modern fire pit, also known as “contemporary,” is ideal for outdoor spaces with a more streamlined, contemporary aesthetic. Modern fire pits incorporate clean lines, minimalistic style, and unique shapes that make them perfect for modern patios or decks. They can be made from materials such as stainless steel, copper, or even concrete or ceramic. Modern fire pit designs range from simples-yet-sleek bowls to complex geometric shapes.


Q: How much do fire pits cost?

A: Fire pit costs depend on the type of fire pit you choose. Simple DIY fire pits can cost under $100, while more complex designs or professionally-installed fire pits can run into the thousands of dollars. The propane fire pit cost ranges approximately from $100 to $1000 according to the size and shape.

Q: Can I build my fire pit?

A: Yes, you can build your fire pit, though it’s important to ensure it meets local safety codes and regulations. Pre-fabricated fire pit kits are available at home improvement stores, or you can design your own custom creation.

Q: What’s the best material for a fire pit?

A: The best material for a fire pit will depend on your personal design aesthetic, as well as the size and shape of your outdoor space. Stone, brick, metal, or even tile are all popular firepit materials.

Q: Are propane fire pits safe to use?

A: Yes, propane fire pits are generally safe to use, though it’s important to follow manufacturer instructions and safety precautions. It’s essential to keep propane tanks away from flammable objects and ensure tanks are upgraded to the latest safety standards.

Q: Can I roast marshmallows on a propane fire pit?

A: Yes, you can roast marshmallows on a propane fire pit, though there are a few things you should keep in mind. Choose skewers made of bamboo or metal, and be sure to rotate them frequently to ensure they cook evenly. Be sure to check on local regulations concerning fires and outdoor smoking before lighting a fire with a propane pit.