Australia under siege: Bushfires ravage country for weeks on end

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Australia is experiencing its worst bushfire season in history, with fires starting in September 2019 and continuing for several months. Climate change, drought, and strong winds have contributed to the severity of the fires, which have affected most parts of the country, killing dozens of people and an estimated one billion animals. The Australian government has been criticized for its response to the crisis, but countries around the world have sent firefighters to assist. There are many ways to help those affected, including donating to organizations and spreading awareness on social media.

Australia Under Siege: Bushfires Ravage Country for Weeks on End

Australia is known for its sweeping landscapes, vibrant wildlife, and hot summers. Unfortunately, the searing heatwaves and extended droughts have combined to create the worst bushfire season Australia has ever seen. The fires started in September 2019 and have been raging on for weeks on end, causing widespread destruction across the country. It’s a disaster that has captured the attention of the entire world, with many wondering what can be done to help.

Why are the fires so severe?

Australia’s bushfire season typically starts in December and lasts until March, but this year it started early, in September, and has been more intense than ever. Global warming and climate change have contributed to the severity of this year’s fires. The average temperature in Australia has gone up by 1.5 degrees Celsius since 1950, leading to drier conditions that make it easier for fires to spread. This year, the drought has made matters worse, with bushland so dry that it’s like tinder waiting to ignite. Strong winds have also contributed to the fires’ spread, with gusts of up to 80 km/h fanning the flames.

Where are the fires?

The fires have been widespread, affecting most parts of the country. New South Wales, the most populous state, has been the worst-hit, with fires raging out of control in the east coast. Other states, such as Victoria, South Australia, and Queensland, have also been affected. As of January 2020, millions of hectares of land have been burned, and dozens of people have lost their lives.

What is the impact on wildlife?

The fires have had a devastating impact on the country’s wildlife, with an estimated one billion animals killed so far. Some species, such as koalas, have been hit particularly hard. These iconic animals have lost 30% of their habitat, and thousands have died or been injured in the fires. Other animals, such as kangaroos, wallabies, and possums, have also been affected, with many losing their homes and struggling to find food and water.

What are the authorities doing?

The Australian government has been heavily criticized for its response to the crisis. The prime minister, Scott Morrison, was criticized for taking a vacation in Hawaii in the middle of the disaster. Meanwhile, some state governments have declared a state of emergency, and the army has been called in to help with the firefighting effort. Countries around the world, including Canada, the United States, and New Zealand, have sent firefighters to help.

What can we do to help?

There are many ways you can help those affected by the Australian bushfires, even if you’re on the other side of the world. Donating to organizations like the Australian Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and the Rural Fire Service in New South Wales is one way to help. You can also donate to animal welfare organizations that are working to save and care for the country’s wildlife. Another way to help is by spreading the word and raising awareness about the crisis on social media.


The Australian bushfires are a tragedy that has affected millions of people and animals. Climate change and global warming have made the situation worse, and the crisis is a reminder of the urgent need to address these issues. While the situation in Australia is bleak, there is hope. The response from people around the world has been inspiring, and the country is coming together to help those in need. As the fires continue to rage on, it’s important to remember that we can all make a difference, no matter how small.


Q. How long have the Australian bushfires been burning?
A. The fires started in September 2019 and have been burning for several months.

Q. What is causing the bushfires?
A. Drought and climate change have led to dry conditions that make it easier for fires to start and spread.

Q. How are the fires affecting animals?
A. The fires have killed an estimated one billion animals, and some species have lost significant amounts of their habitat.

Q. What is being done to fight the fires?
A. The army has been called in to help with firefighting efforts, and countries around the world have sent firefighters to assist.

Q. How can I help those affected by the bushfires?
A. You can donate to organizations working on the ground in Australia or spread awareness on social media.