Creating a Lush and Beautiful Green Moss Terrarium for Your Home

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Moss terrariums are a low maintenance and beautiful indoor garden that is becoming increasingly popular. Creating your own is simple and easy with the right materials and tools. You will need a glass jar or container, pebbles, activated charcoal, moss, potting soil, decorative elements, gardening gloves, scissors, and a spoon. Start by selecting a suitable container, cleaning it, adding pebbles for drainage and charcoal for air purification, and the moss. Finally, add potting soil, water it with a spray bottle, and add decorative elements. You only need to water your moss terrarium once every three-four weeks, and the moss thrives best in indirect light.

Terrariums are becoming very popular nowadays. People who have limited space are using terrariums to bring a bit of greenery to their homes. Moss terrariums are a great way to create a beautiful and low maintenance indoor garden. With minimal effort, you can make your own green moss terrarium that will add a little bit of nature to your home decor. Here’s how to do it.

Creating a Lush and Beautiful Green Moss Terrarium for Your Home

Creating a Lush and Beautiful Green Moss Terrarium for Your Home

Materials and Tools Required

You’ll need to gather some materials and tools to create your terrarium. You’ll need a glass jar or container, pebbles or stones, activated charcoal, moss, potting soil, and any decorative elements you want to include. You’ll also need gardening gloves, scissors and a spoon.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Choose a Container: Select a container that is suitable for the moss. Any size and shape can work, but just make sure it has a large enough opening for your hand. The glass jar is the most popular choice, and you can find many different shapes and sizes in your local craft store.

2. Clean the Container: Rinse the container with hot water and soap, making sure that it’s completely clean. It’s important to avoid using harsh chemicals or detergents, as the residue can harm your moss.

3. Add a Layer of Pebbles or Stones: Create a 1.5-inch layer at the bottom of the container with pebbles or stones. This layer is vital to help with drainage and prevent root rot. Ensure the layer is firm and flat.

4. Activate Charcoal: Layer activated charcoal on top of the pebbles. The charcoal can purify the air in your terrarium and prevent mold growth. Spread a layer that is about 1-inch think.

Creating a Lush and Beautiful Green Moss Terrarium for Your Home

Creating a Lush and Beautiful Green Moss Terrarium for Your Home

5. Add Moss: The next step is to add the moss. You can order different types online or scout around the woods or park. For a more lush look, pick out some different kinds of moss. Arrange the moss so that it looks natural and covers the entire bottom of the container. Use the spoon to adjust the placement, but be gentle to avoid damaging the moss.

6. Add Potting Soil: Put the potting soil over the moss, filling the container until it’s about one inch below the rim. Ensure that the soil is evenly spread, and be careful not to add too much soil as moss requires less than other plants.

7. Water the Terrarium: Using a spray bottle on the lowest setting, mist the soil and moss evenly. You don’t want the soil to be too wet as the moss might drown. The idea is to moisten the moss and soil so that they will start to grow.

8. Decorate the Terrarium: The last step is to add any decorative elements you wish to include. Try out different color schemes for a terrarium, use stones, rocks, or small toys to give it visual interest.


What type of Moss do I need for a Terrarium?
Terrestrial Mosses are best for creating terrariums as they are ideal in low light and require little water. Pillow moss and Cushion Moss are perfect for terrariums.

How often should I water my Terrarium?
A moss terrarium requires watering once every three-four weeks, depending on the environment. Check the soil for dampness and give it a light mist when required.

Creating a Lush and Beautiful Green Moss Terrarium for Your Home

Creating a Lush and Beautiful Green Moss Terrarium for Your Home

Does Moss need light to grow?
Yes. But not too much direct sunlight. Terrestrial Mosses thrive best in indirect light, where it is not too hot, and the light is diffused and gentle. Too much direct sunlight can cause dehydration and cause the moss to wilt.

Can I use tap water?
Yes, you can, but you must allow the water to sit for 24-48 hours to off-gas any chlorine or fluoride contaminants. Alternatively, you can use any bottled water, which is safe for mosses.


Creating a lush and beautiful green moss terrarium for your home is easy and affordable. Finding the right containers, filling them with the right layers, and adding decorative elements is a fun and satisfying way to bring some nature into your life. Using these simple steps, anyone can create a stunning and low maintenance indoor garden that will provide a calming effect and a natural element to their home.