Deer hunting season declared open in Wisconsin

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Deer hunting season has officially opened in Wisconsin, with hunters allowed to take down one buck and one doe within the season period running from November 21 to December 9. Hunters can also take down up to five antlerless deer in certain areas to help with population control. Hunting is an essential part of wildlife management and is deeply rooted in Wisconsin culture and tradition. Anyone interested in hunting must obtain the necessary permits and licenses before embarking on their hunting journey. The Wisconsin DNR has also established safety guidelines to ensure the safety of all hunters.

Deer Hunting Season Declared Open in Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin, known for its rich wildlife and hunting traditions, has officially declared the opening of the deer hunting season. Hunters eagerly await this time of year to set out on their excursion and bring home their prized deer. With the season now open, hunters from far and wide are gearing up to take a shot at bagging their trophy deer.

Deer hunting season officially opened on November 21st and it will run until December 9th. This period allows hunters to take down one buck and one doe, if they have obtained the appropriate permits. Additionally, hunters are allowed to take down up to five antlerless deer in certain areas, where the population needs to be controlled.

Hunting in Wisconsin is more than just a sport or hobby, it has cultural and traditional significance. Families have passed down hunting traditions for generations, and it brings people together to enjoy the great outdoors. Deer hunting is also essential for wildlife management, as it helps to keep the deer population in check.

Hunting in Wisconsin is not just limited to residents of the state; non-residents can also apply for hunting licenses. In addition to that, hunters can choose to hunt on public hunting grounds, which are available throughout the state. However, hunters must make sure to follow all the rules and regulations set forth by the state, including obtaining the necessary licenses and permits.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has set up a number of safety guidelines to ensure that hunters stay safe during the season. Hunters are required to wear blaze-orange clothing when hunting, which is a safety measure to help other hunters in the area identify their location. It is important for hunters to stay cautious and alert at all times to avoid accidents.


Q. What kind of ammunition should I use for deer hunting in Wisconsin?

A. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources recommends using bullets that expand on impact, for example, soft-point or hollow-point bullets. Avoid using full-metal jacket or military-style bullets, as they tend to go through the animal without expanding, and can cause unnecessary suffering.

Q. Can I hunt on private land without permission?

A. No, it is illegal to hunt on private land without permission from the landowner. If you are caught hunting without permission, you may face serious consequences, including fines or legal action.

Q. Do I need a hunting license to hunt in Wisconsin?

A. Yes, all hunters in Wisconsin are required to obtain a hunting license before they can set out to hunt. Hunters need to take a hunter safety course and obtain the necessary permits before they can apply for a hunting license.

Q. Can I hunt at night in Wisconsin?

A. No, night hunting is illegal in Wisconsin. Hunting is only allowed during daylight hours, from one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset.

In conclusion, deer hunting season in Wisconsin is a cherished tradition for many, and an essential part of wildlife management. With the right permits, licenses, and safety measures in place, hunters can enjoy their excursion and bag their prized deer. However, it is important to follow all the rules and regulations set forth by the Wisconsin DNR, and take all necessary precautions to ensure a safe and successful hunting season.