Hyenas Found to Communicate with Unique Vocalizations

Uncategorized By Apr 24, 2023

Hyenas have been found communicating with unique vocalizations, including giggles, whoops, grunts, and groans, each with its own meaning. The discovery is crucial to animal lovers and scientists, helping people to understand hyenas’ social structures, hunting strategies, and family dynamics. Furthermore, the discovery dispels common myths about hyenas being aggressive and showcases their unique qualities. Hyenas are intelligent animals with impressive communication systems. They live in groups called clans and use a unique method to coordinate and capture prey. The discovery of their vocalizations contributes to a better appreciation and understanding of these fascinating animals.

Hyenas Found to Communicate with Unique Vocalizations

Hyenas are often associated with scavenging, ugly and aggressive behaviour, and for many people, they are the villains of the African wilderness. However, these perceptions are unjustified because hyenas are some of the most fascinating animals in the animal kingdom. Recently, researchers discovered hyenas communicate with unique vocalizations, and this has piqued the interest of both scientists and animal lovers. This article will explore this discovery in detail.

Hyenas’ Vocals

Hyenas are not usually vocal animals, and they prefer to communicate with body language to avoid detection by predators. However, researchers have discovered hyenas produce a range of sounds, including coughing, whooping, laughing, and growling. These sounds are of varying intensity and duration, and each sound has a unique meaning. Specifically, hyenas communicate with various vocalizations, including:

  • Giggles: When hyenas meet for the first time, they often giggle because it’s an expression of excitement and playfulness.
  • Whoops: Whoops are loud, long calls that signal danger, and they are an emergency signal for other members of the group.
  • Grunts: Grunts are different from other vocalizations because they are low-pitched sounds, and they are short and sharp. Hyenas grunt when they want to establish their dominance among the group.
  • Groans: Groans are low-pitched, repetitive sounds that signify submission and appeasement. When a hyena is seeking forgiveness or trying to de-escalate a potentially dangerous situation, it groans.

Why is this Discovery Critical?

The discovery that hyenas communicate with unique sounds is essential both to scientists and animal lovers. This discovery can help researchers understand the hyenas’ social structure, hunting strategies, and family dynamics. To animal lovers, the discovery reveals that hyenas are intelligent animals with unique communication systems. It’s essential to appreciate and celebrate hyenas, particularly given how humans have viewed these animals in the past.


What is the scientific name of hyenas?

The scientific name for hyenas is Hyaenidae.

What is the most common vocalization of hyenas?

The most common vocalization of hyenas is the giggle, which is an expression of excitement and playfulness.

Are hyenas social animals?

Yes, hyenas are social animals that live in groups called clans.

What are hyenas’ hunting strategies?

Hyenas use both hunting strategies and scavenging to get their food. They have a unique method where they coordinate with each other to chase, isolate, and capture prey.

How important is the discovery?

The discovery of the hyenas’ vocalizations is crucial because it helps us appreciate and understand these animals’ behaviour better. It also helps to dispel common myths about hyenas being ugly and aggressive animals and shows their unique qualities.